Fax Data
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Fax Data

Fax Data

UCP displays the following information for each fax:

  • Date: The date and time the fax was received or sent, in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • From: The user number or caller ID (CID) of the sender.
  • To: The user number or fax number of the recipient.
  • Status: The status for the fax as reported by Asterisk.
  • Pages: The number of pages for the fax as reported by Asterisk.
  • Controls: Buttons to view, download, forward, or delete the fax, as described below.

Controls (Buttons)

Throughout UCP, buttons allow you to view and manage saved faxes. In the Inbox, Archived, Outgoing, Sent, and Failed folders, you’ll find some or all of these buttons:

  • View PDF in Browser: Displays the PDF file of the fax document in your browser, if your browser is configured to view PDFs.
  • Download: Downloads the PDF file of the fax to your computer.
  • Forward: Lets you send the fax to another recipient – either an outside number or an internal extension.
  • Delete: Delete the saved fax from the system.

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