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After logged into UCP, click Fax in the menu to access the fax section.

From here, a user can view all locally stored inbound and outbound faxes (if local storage is enabled for the user), and send outbound faxes to anyone.


Faxes can be filed under the following folders:

1. Inbox

Faxes that have not yet been viewed.

2. Archived

Faxes that have been viewed but not yet deleted.

3. Outgoing

Faxes in the process of being sent. The page will show the current status of the fax. Information updates automatically in near real-time with no need to reload the page.

  • You’ll see “In Progress” if the system is still in the process of sending (or trying to send) the fax:
  • You’ll see “OK” if the fax was sent successfully:
  • The system will also display messages related to any errors that are encountered, such as “Retrying” when it’s trying to send a fax again after a failure.

4. Sent

Faxes that have been sent successfully.

5. Failed

Faxes that have not been sent successfully.

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