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Fax Over IP

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Fax Over IP

It is really a useful feature, provided By PBXact, to send and receive paperless faxes, using the VOIP System.

Here is how to do it on your PBX Server.

  1. First of all, a dedicated DID should be assigned for faxing for more reliable performance.
  2. An inbound route should be added, assigning the fax recipient extension.
  3. Under fax configuration, emails should be added for both inbound/outbound faxes.


  1. Faxes can be handled from the UCP (user control panel). To login to the UCP.
  2. To get to the UCP page use your PBX server IP at port 81.
  3. We should use the extension no. as the username, and the user password.
  4. User should create his dashboard at the first login.
  5. In the dashboard user can use the plus sign to add deferent widgets.
  6. Using the fax widget user should be able to send and receive faxes.
  7. Results of the outbound faxes as well as faxes received will be send to the email assigned in the initial setup.

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