Call Recording

Useful to Know

Useful to Know

It could be useful to put the “On-demand Call Recording” on pause for some reason like:

  • part of the ongoing call cannot be recorded because of the law enforcement;
  • it needs a break to check other information or consult with another person;
  • the procedure you’re following requires you to skip some part of the recording along the whole call;
  • other scenarios

For all the above mentioned cases or for similar scenarios, you can put “on pause” your recording just dialling once again the related feature code for “In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording”. During the same call, this can be repeated as many time as you need so that the final recording includes only the relevant part of the conversation: the Call Recording module will append Call Recording parts one to each others every time the toggle is dialled. For each ongoing recorded call the PBX will produce just one recording file.

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